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February 10, 2022
Valentine's Day Treats For Happy Teeth

Happy February everybody! The start of the second month of the year means Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. The Tooth Fairy loves Valentine's Day and what it represents, but they also know that it comes with a lot of sweet treats that can harm teeth.

Here are a few tips to enjoy Valentine’s Day while keeping your teeth healthy:

Say no to suckers. Remember those heart-shaped lollipops that only seem to show up around Valentine's Day? While they're cute and witty, they provide a feast for cavity-causing bacteria. The Tooth Fairy suggests trading in hard candies and lollipops for the sweet treat that doesn't hurt teeth as much, chocolate.

Say yes to chocolate. Grab a handful of heart-shaped chocolate and share it with your valentine. Chocolate is a smile’s favorite sweet! That’s right, if you’re going to have any sweets on Valentine’s Day, chocolate, particularly dark chocolate is the best choice. Chocolate dissolves quickly which minimizes the amount of time it stays on your teeth. Plus, it contains calcium and antioxidants which are great for healthy smiles and bodies. What better way to show your valentine you care about them than through a sweet treat that goes easy on their teeth?

Toss the taffy. While taffy is tasty, it can get you into sticky situations with your teeth. Taffy and gummy candies don’t wash away easily like chocolate. Cavity-causing bacteria love to snack on the sticky residue these confections leave behind.

So, you had some sweets. If you do choose to eat sweets, the best way to do so is in small portions as dessert. When having sweets try to remember that drinking water and eating other foods will help wash away sugar and bacteria left by candy.

Brush before bed. After a long day of cards and sweets, it’s important to take care of your teeth before you go to bed. Brushing for two minutes, twice a day is key to having a healthy smile.

Take care of your teeth like they are your valentine, and they will thank you!