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October 26, 2021
Tips, Tricks & Trades for Happy Teeth This Halloween!

Halloween is America’s third favorite holiday! It comes right behind Christmas and Thanksgiving. And for good reason, too. Who doesn’t love dressing up and getting free candy?

Unfortunately, Halloween treats can play tricks on our little goblins’ teeth.

Here are a few tips to treat your sweet tooth and keep it healthy, too:

Eat before you trick-or-treat. Eating a healthy snack or dinner before heading out helps avoid late night monster candy snacking sessions.

Choose chocolate. It’s a smile’s favorite sweet! That’s right. Chocolate dissolves quickly which minimizes the amount of time it stays on your teeth. Plus, it contains calcium and antioxidants which are great for healthy smiles and bodies.

Toss the taffy. While taffy is tasty, it can get you into sticky situations with your teeth. Taffy and gummy candies don’t wash away easily like chocolate. Cavity-causing bacteria love to feast on the sticky residue these confections leave behind.

Pass on suckers. Hard candies like suckers and lollipops are a lot like taffy and gummy candies. They provide a feast for cavity-causing bacteria. Trade them in for chocolate.

Savor sweets at mealtimes. The best way to enjoy sweets is in small portions as dessert. Eating a few small sweets with other foods helps wash away sugar and bacteria left by candy. It’s even better if you follow sweets with sips of water.

Brush before bed. Brushing for two minutes, twice a day is key to having a healthy smile. Play Monster Mash and boogie, while you brush away the Halloween sweets.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!