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July 28, 2022
How Tooth Fairies Use Their Magic For Oral Health Help

Sometimes all a healthy mouth needs is the right care and a little bit of help. Thankfully, the Tooth Fairies have special tooth care magic to help children around the world keep their smiles healthy. With a little tooth fairy magic and extensive knowledge of proper oral hygiene, Tooth Fairies are able to help all children in many different ways. Now, we’re letting you in on the secrets to their special powers!

Possibly the most important magical part of a Tooth Fair comes in the shape of wings. Each Tooth Fairy has a pair of magic wings which help them travel at high speeds so they can deliver rewards for a lost tooth. While lots of countries have different tooth traditions, one thing remains the same. Children’s oral health will always be important, and the loss of a baby tooth is an important right of passage for all kids.

The green glasses that so many Tooth Fairies sport help with dental health too! Not only are those green glasses stylish but they have super magnification which helps them see even the smallest bacteria. Some of these bacteria can lead to cavities. Remember, while a Tooth Fairy may be able to see the bacteria that cause cavities, they can’t brush for you! It’s important to brush twice and floss once each day in order to keep cavities at bay. Remember – cavities are contagious and can spread from baby to adult teeth so it’s important that even young kiddo’s brush their non-permanent teeth!

There’s a reason a Tooth Fairy’s wand looks like a molar. The big tooth on the end has magical powers that make it sensitive just like a real tooth. This special wand helps tell a Tooth Fairy if a kiddo’s tooth is in trouble by throbbing and tingling – just like when a tooth is upset! Teeth are sensitive and tingle because of the tiny nerve root in them that communicates with the brain. Humans have just one nerve root in a tooth, but some animals have even more! The nerve root helps teeth talk to their owner to let them know if they’re healthy or not, so it’s important to listen to them and head to the dentist if you’re having any unusual or persistent tooth pain!

Beyond their cool magic abilities and helpful accessories, some tooth fairies even have their own unique abilities which help them communicate the importance of dental health to kids!

For example, Tooth Fairy Malcolm has the ability to communicate with deaf and hard-of-hearing children through ASL. Our bi-lingual Tooth Fairy, Alex, speaks multiple languages so she can help kiddos who speak English or Spanish! At Tooth Fairy Headquarters we believe everyone deserves to learn proper oral health practices no matter how they communicate!

The Tooth Fairies may have cool magical abilities, but the real power belongs to each child. Being able to control their own dental health is the most important ability of all. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Make sure to brush twice and floss once every day to keep those young teeth healthy!

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